sábado, setembro 18, 2004

RENASCER ou "the grey smoke"

When the day becomes longer – it makes us laugh,
The coming night absolutely holds the sunshine,
we only see the black hole in the space,
Inside it – only the yellow siluated human being
With burning sides,
the grey smoke is rising,
The man moves his stoned leg
The big ball of dust rises,
A pink rose siluet is seen
The symbol of reality,
But it fades soon,
Reality runs away from stoned figure of that man
The big sound is heard,
Everything disappears
But the silent and simple side of human being
Remains for ages…


8 comentários:

Micas disse...

"But the silent and simple side of human being
Remains for ages…". Nada mais verdadeiro do que isto! Fica bem. Beijinho e continuação de bom fim-de-semana

BlueShell disse...

SEm dúvida que ficará para sempre...
Bjs, Bs

Micas disse...

Beijinho e boa semana para ti.

.............. disse...

two months....how two hours...

FataMorgana disse...

Claro que "the silent and simple side of human being
Remains for ages..." é a frase que o poema persegue. Um apogeu!
Gostei muito! *

Anónimo disse...

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Anónimo disse...

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